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The festival of extra short film (ESF) is held in Novosibirsk for the first time, on 8-th of June, 2000. The festival is organized under the private initiative, and had financial support of Novosibirsk brahch of Open Socity Institute.

About uniqueness of idea of a festival speaks that despite of recordly short terms (the festival was organized for 3 months) it has caused the large interest among the potential participants, spectators, users the Internet, cinema and artcritics, masses media. To participation in a festival more than 50 films were sent, and 24 of them have made the competitive program, other works have been demonstrated in the unscheduled program. Besides the Russian participants from all large cities of the country, in a festival the artists from 6 European countries (England, Germany, Slovenia, Serbia, Czechia and Switzerland) have taken part. One of the main conditions of participation in a festival is the temporary limit - no more than 60 seconds, also on conditions, the works of the participants should contain attributes "big pictures", that is name, plot and ending. The information on conditions of realization ESF was dispatched on a network of representations OSI in Russia and in Europe, through the European bulletin Filmska Pravda, by means of accommodation on information sites about contemporary art - www.guelman.ru and www.gif.ru

The films, shown on a festival, are created in various genres of modern multimedia. There are: videoperformanses, experimental video, video clip, computer animation. Owing to the very small budget of a festival, the definition of the prize-winners and winner was carried out in common nomination. The jury was made by the professionals and figures of cinema and videoart. By them of steel: Michail Brashinsky (St. Petersburg) - film-critic, Dmitry Pilikin ( St. Petersburg) - curator of gallery 21, Sergry Anashkin (Moscow) - film-critic, Nikolai Palajchenko (Moscow) - curator, Maxim Zonov (Novosibirsk), videoartist, Dmitry Bulnygin (Novosibirsk), curator, videoartist.

During show in Novosibirsk, the spectators have wached the competitive and unscheduled programs completely, then was announced first ten films of a festival, including prize-winners and winner of the competitive program ESF and owner of a prize of spectator sympathies.

The festival program was shown in Kemerovo on II practical workshop "the New tendencies of urgent culture", and in June in Kiev, on festival "Dreamcatcher 2000".

In September the program was screening in Poland: Warsaw (Center of a modern Art, Uyazdovsky Castle,) Poznan (Gallery "Arsenal",) Bielsko-Bialo (BWA.)

Proceeding from results of a secret ballot of the members of jury, was decided of the first place to not award, as the results of voting have not revealed the obvious leader.The places were distributed as follows:

2 places

"Anywhere", Elena Sharova, Russia_Ekaterinburg

"My fire", Slava Mizin, Russia_Novosibirsk

3 places:

"Fight with the newcomers ", Viktor Davydov, Russia_Ekaterinburg

"Boys", Olga Tobreluts, Russia_SPb

"Our child", Igor Smirnov, Russia_Krasnoyarsk

Prize of people's choice (voting in the Internet):

"1 minute in 1875 ", Mickhael Eckhardt (Berlin)

Top five:

"Fight with newcomers", Viktor Davydov, Russia_Ekaterinburg

"Center", Blue Soup group, Russia_Moscow

"She raped me", Igor Stromajer, Slovenja_Lubljana

"25 centures per second", Julien Lesage, UK_London

"Noah", Andrey Silvestrov, Russia_Moscow