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ESF 2001

Dear participants of the festival and visitors of our site! Official show of the competitive program took place on June 21, in Novosibirsk's House of the Actor at a complete hall and rare! The most part of works was attended by a salutatory applause. OK. I personally consider, that a level of works of this year - quite good.. Domestic policy of preliminary selection directional on a democracy, brings the fruits (sometimes worm-eaten), but the politicy will vary : I want joyfully to congratulate the owners of Grand prix, special prizes and authors of works of first tens. (Dmitry Bulnygin, director ESF)

Grand-prize for animation:
"Russian Album", Alexander Florensky, Masha Yakushina, Russia_SPb

Grand-prize for video:
"Genetic gymnastics", Aristarkh Chernyshev, Vladislav Efimov, Russia_Moscow

Prize for best technique:
"Mystery - it is you", Dmitry Geller, Russia_Ekaterinburg

Prize for best Novosibirsk's film:
"The doctor", Ivan Mironov, Denis Moukhine, Russia_Novosibirsk

Ten top video:

"Soldatino", Ilabeka, France_Paris

"Three hits of Russian literature", U-7, Russia_Ekaterinburg

"Papa, go home!", Konstantin Skotnikov, Russia_Novosibirsk

"The will", Alexander Gurko, Russia_SPb

"EPICmovie", pavu.com, France_Touluza

"Russia Santa Claus", Victor Davydov, Russia_Ekaterinburg

"To work", Vadim Koshkin, Russia_Moscow

"A song", Elena Sharova, Russia_Ekaterinburg

"Getting up tune", Gor Chahal, Russia_Moscow

"Superhuman music", Andrey Velikanov, Russia_Moscow

Ten top animation:

"Blue eyes", Leo Vukelich, Germany_Dusseldorf

"Male - Female - Peep - Show", New stupids, Russia_SPb

"Hose industry", Konstantin Skotnikov, Russia_Novosibirsk

"Dendrophilia", Stanislaw Serwinsky, Poland_Warsaw

"Lenin", Vladislav Efimov, Russia_Moscow

"Murzik", Nikolai Jukov, Russia_Novosibirsk

"Superlove", Ylo Pikkov, Estonia_Tallinn

"Lenin and Stalin", FUGK, Russia_Moscow

"Stadium", Diana Paliichuk, Latvia_Riga

"How the pilot Pavel his wife loved", Andrey Chesnokov, Russia_Snejinsk


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