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ESF2002, Novosibirsk

Grand-Prise in video nomination:
"Gameover", Vadim Vyazantsev, Sergei Zilin, Dmitry Karpov, Russia_Barnaul

 Prise jury "For best idea"
"Americanazer", Victor Davydov, Russia_Ekaterinburg

Grand-Prise in anima nomination:
"Russian Winter", Maxim Zonov, Russia_Novosibirsk

Special prise jury in nomination "Made in Novosibirsk"
"Saving private R", Denis Verschagin, Russia_Novosibirsk

Top six:

"Christian karma", Ivan Mironov, Denis Mukhin, Russia, Novosibirsk

"Fountain", Nicolaus List, Germany_Berlin

"Three wishes", Bluesoup, Russia_Moscow

"I love you very much", Maxim Zonov, Russia_Novosibirsk

"Love song", Dario Bardic, The Netherlands,_Amsterdam

"Disappearance of a matchbox", Igor Krenz , Poland_Warsaw


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