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10th Extra Short Film festival / Moscow / "35 mm" cinema hall / 13 - 16 .01.10

Life and Death in GIS
The competitive program of this year consists 26 videos and 16 animation films. Geography of participants beats record on presence of works from regions of Russia and the CIS countries. Armenian and Belarusian films are participating for the first time, on card on ESF appeared: Astrakhan, Karaganda, Lipetsk, Orenburg, Chelyabinsk...
This program, traditionally various on genres and technicians, nevertheless gives in statistical to the analysis of the most used themes. This year it is.... Death: the plot of 25 % of films is connected with death of the main hero, all participants or ends by global catastrophe.... and Life: 25 % of authors propagandise necessity existence in any conditions:)
Other part of works consits: debuts in extra short format "At the next table at restaurant" by director of documentary films, Tofik Shahverdieva and "Airsledge" by classic of the contemporery art, Herman Vinogradov , new animation work by Sri Lanka mystic Chris Doukina "Counting sheep", a brilliant political animated-anecdote, "Odd-Even" from Petrozavodsk, a story by Berlin squatter about the Wall, flash animation from Moscow and psychodelic pieces from Sankt-Petersburg, crime stories from Novosibirsk and experiments from Amsterdam, the Kazakh philosophers and German dolls, neo-dadaisty from Belarus, Armenian humour and Ukrainian trash.......no longer then one minute!


"Even-Odd", Pavel Oluyshkin, Natalia Loginova, Russia_Petrozavodsk
"Hypochondria", Sergei Verbitsky, Russia_Sankt Petersburg
"v-olo", OPA group (Denis Saraginovski & Slobodanka Stevceska), Macedonia_Skopje
"Burduchok", Andrei Bakhurin, Pavel Muntyan, Russia_Moscow, Sankt Petersburg
"Tracks on the grass". Lilia Tenchurina, Kazakhstan_Karaganda
"Evolution", Shapki group, Belorussia_Minsk
"Jihad for dummies", Alexander Bugakov, Russia_Lipetsk
"Full shift working", Anton Khlabov, Russia_Sankt Petersburg
"Kiss", Denis Sychev, Russia_Moscow
"Counting sheep", Chris Daykin, Sri Lanka_Candy
"Gamers", Vladimir Ponomarev, Pavel Muntyan, Russia_Moscow
"Short course of entertaining theology", Alex Roff, Russia_Moscow
"Mum's lunch", Eva Munnich, Germany_Offenbach am Main
"Little man", Vladimir Tapuk, Russia_Novosibirsk
"SFA - Super Force Armada", Jon Frickey, Germany_Hamburg
"World balance or unsuccessful experiment", Donov, Russia_Moscow

"At the next table in restaurant", Tofik Shakhverdiev, Russia_Moscow
"PRTRT", Jean-Gabriel Periot, France_Tours
"Name", Sergei Batura, Belorussia_Minsk
"First tears", Anastasiya Bogomolova, Russia_Chelyabinsk
"Le dèpart d'in train de la gare Rijsky", Iced Architects, Russia_Moscow
"Time", Vanuhi Javrushian, Armenia_Erevan
"The dash", Grigory Milyashkin, Russia_Astrakhan
"Strange poryadka", Asya Mironenko, Elena Alexeeva, Russia_Novosibirsk
"ММS", Роман Бондарчук, Ukraine_Киев
"Strange bird", Frank Stassen, The Netherlands_Amsterdam
"Flight", Julia Schumilova, Russia_Petrozavodsk
"Alien's guide", Dmitry Tolkunov, Russia_Orenburg
"The rabbits from no man's land", Michael Schmacke, Germany_Berlin
"Second most ancient profession", Olga Makarova, Russia_Moscow
"Banal story", Vete Verde, Belorussia_Brest
"Dream of the clerk on Friday", Yan Vetrov, Russia_Barnaul
"The Main Problem of Mankind", Alexander Bobrov, Russia_Orenburg
"Kiss", Eduard Kulemin, Russia_Smolensk
"Before elections", Anne Issabekian, Armenia_Erevan
"Collapse", Protez group, Russia_Sankt Petersburg
"It was so...", Dina Salimbaeva, Marina Slobodkina, Kazakhstan_Karaganda
"Air-sledge", German Vinogradov, Russia_Moscow
"The road", Daria Komleva, Olga Tsoi, Kazakhstan_Karaganda
"To kill Krishna", Gleb Katchuk, Ukraine_Odessa
"Egg plants", Sergei Bratkov, Ukraine_Kharkov
"Rust", Vladimir Tapuk, Russia_Novosibirsk


Jury of ESF=10:
Vassily Avchenko, writer
Sergey Zemlyanukhin, programming director of "Kinoshock" film festival
Maxim Kuzmin, producer of "Future Shorts Russia"
Victor Miziano, editor "XZ"
Kirill Preobrazhensky, artist
Fatima Rakhimova, actress
Andrey Silvestrov, film director

Jury's decision:


Best film in nomination VIDEO

"Eggs plants", Sergei Bratkov, Ukraine_Kharkov



Best film in nomination ANIMATION

"Kiss", Denis Sychev, Russia_Moscow



Special mention and prise from Ad Marginem publishers - "For eros, tanatos and naked realism"

"Dash", Grigory Milyashkin, Russia_Astrakhan



Special mention and prise from Ad Marginem publishers - "For tradegy of everyday life "

"Rust", Vladimir Tapuk, Russia_Novosibirsk



Special prise from jury member, Kirill Preobrazhensky, for "Upspeakable"

"Air-sledge", German Vinogradov, Russia_Moscow



Special prise from jury member, Maxim Kuzmin, "For sound experiment"
"Short course of entertaining theology", Alex Roff, Russia_Moscow



by multikov.net / animated serial "So, listen"
- VIDEOMINUTO / Florence, festival of 1minute videos / selected:
"L'ultimo albero", Ernesto Mandara, It
"You have my support", Henrik Cederblad / Tina Willgren, Sw
"Regina Irena Radmanovic", Casimo Terlizzi, It
"The gardener", Ellinor Telatzky, Au
"Colorful EU", Peter Vadocz, Hg
"Pet lover", Ellinor Telatzky, Au
"Untitled # 60", Gabriele Desantis, It
"Always play", Massimiliano Magnani, It
"To implore", Antonio Cugnetto, It
"Komakino", Davide Regoli, It
"I trust my eyes", Alessandra Messali, Uk
"Un pesce fuor d'aqua", Mirko Mazzi, It
- de enn minuten / Amsterdam, festival of 1minute videos / selected:
"Pack", Ton van Zantvoort, Nl
"Huhu-tv", Alex Palmboom, Nl
"Copyright", Paulien Hogerwerf, Nl
"Train-2", Dmitry Bulnygin, Ru
"Take 7", Dafna Maimon, Fi
"Voyeur", Ruut Vrugt, Nl
"Today I stay in bed", Letizia Colella, Ch/It
"Oxford St", Daniel Bevan, Uk
"La danse du warba", Cheick Sekou Ouedraoge, Bf
"177 mm", Niels Stomps, Nl
"Soccershow presenter lijnvoetbal", Yarre Stooker, Nl
"Sage", Alite Thijsen, Nl
"To mascow?", Dmitry Bulnygin, Ru
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