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11-th Extra Short Film festival / ESF=11

Big topicts and Private life
The competition program of this year consists 17 animated and 24 video films.
Extra short format of films, doesn't need long time for their production, but allows authors to be actual in due present times and simultaneously artly to interpret life realities. It confirms efficiency and accord of time at many presented works.
Rising violency in a society, finds reflection in such films as "Missed target" by Denis Sychev - the keeper of grand-prix for animation in 2010, "Fun time", Alexey Andrianov from Moscow, "Last hippie" by Michael Schmake from Berlin, "Extreme times" by Tsvetafor art-group (Moscow)
To a theme of ecology and human garbage films are addressed: "Trash", Marina by Moshkova (St.-Petersburg) and "Home" - a product of joint creativity by Semen Shiryaiki & Igor Tatarnikov (Moscow)
Logic of absurdity as the alternative to the mad world is a structural line in works "Loaf" by Grigorii Hishko (Moscow), "Time is up" by Verika Kovalevska from Zurich, "Diet" by Vladimir Shlokov from Ekaterinburg.
The majority of films are anyhow connected with human relations….love… sex … children.
The titles clearly say about this: "There's Bliss in the Kiss", "Don't get involved in dubious relationships", "Cherish your love", "Big heart", "Tear for two", "Couple", "Filip loves you" and etc…what gives hope to milliones))
Р“The geography of films in the competitive program is impressing as always. This is Russian regions (from Novosibirsk to Smolens) + both capitals. On the map of ESF appeared new countries: Azerbajan with film "The legend" by Kamran Amirli and Sweden ("Determinations" by Filipp Korshunov). The works from Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Croatia, Switzerland are already tradition participants.
Many authors are presented, whose works already received prizes of the last festivals.
They are: Chris Daykin, Sri Lanka - prize for best technic of anitation (2004), Jadranko Lopatich, Croatia (special prize in 2006), Svetlana Bakushina (prize for "best in Novosibirsk", 2004Рі.), German Vinogradov (special prize in 2010) and also new film by Maxim Ushakov, "Speech".Maxim's work was awarded as best animated film in 2005.He is also known by his role in film by Ivan Vyrypaev , "Euphoria".
All this authors urged to illustrate not yet shown the possibilities of extra short format
In the special program of this year, will be shown the selection of films of short film festival "6010" / Germany
Lengh of whole program is 70 minutes.


"There's Bliss in the Kiss", Melanie Beisswenger, Germany/Singapore
"Cherish your love", Svetlana Bakushina, Russia_Novosibirsk
"Big heart", Tatiana Moshkova, Russia_Saint Petersburg
"Tea for two", Chris Daykin, Sri Lanka_Candy
"Baby vs. tuta", Teodora Kralj, Croatia_Luka
"Long winter", Alexander Zaitsev, Russia_Omsk
"Radio tea", Igor Sodazot, Russia_Moscow
"Speech", Maxim Ushakov, Russia_Moscow
"Hallelujah", Shapki art-group, Belorussia_Minsk
"Trash", Marina Moshkova, Russia_Saint Petersburg
"Home", Semen Shiryaikin, Igor Tatarnikov, Russia_Moscow
"The last hippie", Michael Schmake, Germany_Berlin
"Front ohne gnade", Mikhail Maximov, Russia_Moscow
"Miss the Target", Denis Sychev, Russia_Moscow
"Extreme time", Tsvetafor art-group, Russia_Moscow
"The legend", Kamran Amirli, Azerbajan_Baku

В«13%В», Edward Kulemin, Russia_Smolensk
"Boycott olimpics", Daniil Zinchenko, Russia_Moscow
"Don't get involved in dubious relationships", Svetlana Bakushina, Russia_Novosibirsk
"The couple", Alexandra Mitlyanska, Russia_Moscow
"Aqua AerobiСЃ", German Vinogradov, Russia_Moscow
"Send-off", Boris Mnukhin, Russia_Moscow
"Crossing", Christian Fischer, Germany_ Cologne
"Two", Grigorii Milyashkin, Russia_Astrakhan
"Time is up", Verica Kovacevska, Switzerland_Zurich
"Determinations", Filipp Korshunov, Russia / Sweden_Gothenburg
"Out there", Natalia Nikolaeva, Russia_Saint Petersburg
"Coal post", Pahom, Russia_Moscow
"The diet", Vladimir Shlokov, Russia_Ekaterinburg
"Churchkhela", Alexander Gavrilov, Russia_Moscow
"Loaf", Grigorii Khishko, Russia_Moscow
"Birma", Olga Makarova, Russia_Moscow
"Lighter", Arsenii Gonchukov, Russia_Moscow
"Souls", Chiaro Scarfo, Italy_Genoa
"Fun time", Alexeii Andrianov, Russia_Moscow
"Currency fluctuations", Igor Sodazot, Russia_Moscow
"Creator", Tatyana Bondar, Russia_Moscow
"Philip loves you", Mladen Bozich, Croatia_Luka
"Crane and tit", Mikhail Nazarov, Russia_Moscow
"Girl-Helicopter", Provmyza, Russia_Nizhny Novgorod
"Going from Berlin", Jadranko Lopatich, Croatia_Zapreshich
"Small talk with my mother", Frank Stassen, The Netherlands_Amsterdam


Selection of films of short film festival "6010" (Hilchenbach-Dachlbruch / Germany )

Svetoslav Vladimirov (Sofia), filmmaker
Anna Kolosova (Sankt-Petersburg), video artist
Ivan Lebedev (Moscow), editing director
Rupert Owen (Melbourne) filmmaker
Barbara Christin (Siegen / Germany) artist
Konstantin Skotnikov (Novosibirsk), artist
Sergey Salnikov (Moscow), film producer
Anna Fenchenko (Moscow), film director

RESULT OF JURY DECISION 11-th Extra Short Film festival / ESF=11:

Prize for best film in nomination VIDEO was devided between:

"The diet", Vladimir Shlokov, Russia_Ekaterinburg




"Send-off", Boris Mnukhin, Russia_Moscow




Prize for best film in nomination ANIMATION
"Home", Semen Shiryaikin, Igor Tatarnikov, Russia_Moscow



Special mention of jury member Svetoslav Vladimirov and prize of "Great Pedagogue" from Vladimir Fenchenko "For childish view on pure love"
"Big heart", Tatiana Moshkova, Russia_Saint Petersburg



Special prize of jury member Anna Fenchenko "For philosophical treatment of life"
"Miss the target", Denis Sychev, Russia_Moscow



Special prize of jury member Anna Fenchenko "For a civic stand"
"Boycott olimpics", Daniil Zinchenko, Russia_Moscow




Special mention of jury member Ivan Lebedev "For remarkable, rhythmic, assembly decision"
"Fun time", Alexeii Andrianov, Russia_Moscow




Special mention from jury member Konstantin Skotnikov "For ability to see a metaphor in life"
"Currency fluctuations", Igor Sodazot, Russia_Moscow



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