EXTRA SHORT FILM FESTIVAL - is indipended event, organized under the private initiative

Basic Information
Festival accepts film entries of any genre (narrative, documentary, animation, experimental, etc., accompanied by filled application form and meeting terms of the festival as well as the deadline. Organizers reserve the right for pre-screening selection for the competition program.

Films from competition program will be shown in two nominations: video and animation.

Terms and Conditions
The main condition of participation in ESF is the limit on the length of film - 60 seconds or less.
The films also should contain attributes of the so-called "feature-length pictures" - title, plot, ending.
Entries for competition are limited by no more than two films from the same filmmaker for different nominations.
We accept ONLY web links for downloading files from Internet.
Films containing text or dialogue should be dubbed or subtitled into English. The title of film should also have English version

Festival participation deadline for each nomination is December 1

Potential participants of the festival competition program should be advised that your films will be placed on the Internet and the festival website, as well as shown prior to and after the festival in Russia and overseas and on TV channels.

By mailing your film for consideration of the ESF you indicate agreement with the terms and conditions of the festival.





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